Richie and Rosie are our B’loved featured pooches

Richie and Rosie are our B’loved featured pooches this month. These two beautiful Weimaraner’s belong to Mark Weston and former Miss South Africa, Suzette van der Merwe. Seeing that Mark is from New Zealand, it is only fitting that Richie is named after the New Zealand rugby player, Richie McCaw

Last year the happy trio completed their family with the arrival of Rosie. While Richie often shows off his New Zealand sweater on social media posts, family friend Bennie Pieters (also the father of Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel Peters) insisted that Rosie wore a Springbok sweater with her arrival. And yes, B’loved animal lovers, Richie has even appeared with our Miss Universe on social media platforms, while enjoying lunch at Suzette and Mark’s house.

Rosie is more Suzette’s little princess where Richie (the great) takes after his dad Mark. Rosie is full of energy and utterly beloved by Richie. Richie just adores sharing space in their household with this new baby. The two fur babies regularly go for afternoon strolls, but Rosie’s short legs always struggle to keep up so Richie normally tends to take the lead. There was a wide search for a Weimaraner who looks like Richie, Mark did a thorough search on the web and then stumbled on to Brakenfell Weimaraner breeders.

The similarities between Pluto, Rosie’s father, and Richie were the winning factor for Mark. Soon after Mark collected Rosie in Cape Town where she immediately became part of the love tie within this happy household.