They conduct love in everything they do as well as give it unconditionally. There really is no better reason to include your fur baby into the most joyous, special and B’loved day of your life – your wedding day! Although they form part of your whole existence and everyday family life, a big occasion like this might just turn their safe little world, where it is only the two of you, upside down.

Although lovely, your wedding venue is a very unfamiliar environment for your little pup. Complete with new smells and some strange looking guests (Let’s be honest. You know there’s always that one guest who totally missed the memo). Here are some powerful pup tips to help ease your fur child into the proceedings leading up to your wedding day ensuring a happy experience for you both:

1. Involve them in the planning. When you visit the various venues, take them with you. Make sure that the venue is animal friendly as well as accommodating to your fur baby.

2. Get professional guidance from a puppy school. If your pup has never seen a leash before, or don’t respond well to basic commands, both of you will benefit immensely from some pup lessons. A few lessons before your big day will provide you with some extra bonding time and the trainer could also assist with how to decide on, and handle your pet’s responsibilities at your reception.

3. Get someone familiar. Allocate a guest that your fur baby knows to keep an eye on it while you are occupied. Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye; we don’t want you losing moments that could rather be captured! Pro Tip: Assign your pup’s favourite pet sitter for the day.

4. Inform all involved. Inform your photographer, wedding planner, catering staff etc. on the involvement of your pup and make sure they know what you are expecting from them.

5. Stock up on Treats. Make sure there is a steady supply of treats from a guest familiar with your fur baby. For putting up with all your wedding planning, a treat day is the least you can do.

6. Get Social. Let your pup meet as many of your guests as possible prior to the big day. You can make introductions at your engagement party or even just at a social gathering at your home. The more they interact with groups of people the better they will react on the day.

7. Get comfortable attire If your dog has to wear special attire, make sure it fits correctly and that your pup is comfortable wearing it. Rehearsing with them in their wedding outfit is a great idea.

Ultimately all dogs are not the same, look at your dog’s personality and make a calculated decision accordingly. If you know they won’t cope well with being a part of the big day there are many other ways to honour your fur baby. You could include them in your engagement photo’s, trash the dress, or have them come over while you are getting ready and snap a few pics together. The ideas and possibilities really are endless.

Guest blogger

Adré Müller